Dual Challenge

The brothers came in, promising that we were about to lose a couple hundred bucks.

They had been in “training”, and they were both pretty certain that we were about to finally have winners for our Pizza Challenge.

I tried as best I could to dissuade them from ruining their night with indigestion, but they were pretty determined. Alrighty then….

(note Loran stretching in the background 🙂 )

We set the timers, the brothers looked at each other, and they both took their first bite at the same time.

It was clear from the onset that Loran was going to out-eat Wade.

With almost 20-minutes left, it was obvious who was on-pace to win the contest. Loran was on the second-half of the pie, while Wade was struggling to finish his fourth slice. I finally convinced Wade that he wasn’t going to eat the second half of the pie in less than half the time, and he begrudgingly threw in the towel and shared the remnants.

The kitchen crew got word that we finally had a contendor, and they began lurking in the service station to watch the skinny dude wolf down his few remaining slices. Side bets began…

With 20-seconds left, Loran stood up and began chewing furiously.

and unfortunately, he lost.

Here’s what was left:

(photo stolen from Raising Granola)

We were all in disbelief that he lost. Loran’s wife, Jenny, immediately picked up her cell phone to cancel her $100 order with QVC. 🙂

Loran claims that he’s in training for the next ’round, and will go with olives and green peppers the next time.

Oh yeah.

Next time.

(PS-You MUST see Jenny’s take on the Challenge. Her photos of the pizzas make them look like monstrosities!)

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2 Responses to Dual Challenge

  1. Jen says:

    That is because they are huge!! I still can’t believe he ate all that. He didn’t eat for the next two days…kinda like a snake after eating a big rat. You are his favorite for referring to him as the skinny dude! Can’t wait for next time…

  2. Jen says:

    PS- $100 will go along way on QVC…

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