Don’t get too “creative” with those 64 toppings….

We had a guy last night who called to tell me that he didn’t like his pizza. He eats our food often, so this was really surprising.

“Was it the crust?” I asked.

“No, your crust is great.”

“Was it the sauce or the cheese?” I questioned.

“No, the sauce was the same and the cheese was good.”

“Well, was it the toppings?” I asked.

“Yeah. The toppings. I don’t know. It just wasn’t as good,” he replied.

I looked up his history on our computer and saw that he and his wife normally order standard pizzas: The Rancher (all meat), The Lumberjack (meat / veggie combo), and once they had a custom pepp/sausage/mushroom pie.

Tonight, he had ordered a pizza that just didn’t even sound good. Shrimp, mushrooms, black olives and green onions with our house red sauce. These toppings might be good with our alfredo sauce, but not with a red sauce. Blah.

I offered to send him a gift certificate or refund his money, and he insisted that I not do that. He said that our pies are usually five-notches above every other he’s had and he was just not expecting what he got.

I’ll still send him something in the mail, just because. But I think that from now on I’ll let people know if I think that their choice of toppings sounds peculiar.

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One Response to Don’t get too “creative” with those 64 toppings….

  1. shawn says:

    Klondike Pizza use to have a pizza like that. Itwas called the Yukon Steamer. It had srimp, mushroom (canned), and black olives with red sauce. It didn’t have green onions. I ordered it often.

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