Smoky the Dinosaur

A couple of weeks ago, I delivered a couple of sandwiches to a couple. They order from us on a regular basis; this was the first time that I was their driver.

When I knocked on the door, I noticed a smell that was very familiar from my high school days. Again, I’m not a pot-smoker, but I grew up in Hawaii and well…. let’s just say that some of my friends would partake in the native grasses.

So. The door opens and the smilingest lady (I know it’s not a word, but it’s the perfect description for her) waves me in. I take two steps into their home and POW! It’s obvious that someone is getting high.

She gathers some money from different table tops throughout the living room, and that’s when I noticed the Dinosaur. A 6-foot dinosaur was propped up in the living room, bug-eyed and smiling at me with his purple and green velvet shining in the dimly-lit room.

What the ????

She laughed for no particular reason, handed me the money, and proceeded to tell me how great our food was; that they never order from anyone else, and that our turkey sandwiches are the best she’s ever had.

All I wanted to do was ask about the dinosaur, but by then I was wondering if maybe I was just having hallucinations from a major contact high.

I bolted.

And when I got back to the restaurant, I had the major munchies. Go figure.

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