Ski Anthony Lakes / post party

Our event last night was AWESOME!

Whitey was sure we were set, and went home for his daily nap between 2:30 and 4pm. While he was gone, JC and I prepped more veggies, meats and did cheese back-ups. We decided to par-bake 10 pies and set them aside just prior to 5pm when the event was due to begin.

Six car-loads of people arrived at about 4:50, and BOOM! we were busy.

We barely glanced at the tickets that quickly came up on the kitchen printer, knowing full-well that they were a 14″ pizza. The line got longer and longer and longer….

and then all of a sudden, we were standing-room-only.

MIL wasn’t on the schedule, yet showed up at 5 o’clock (THANK YOU!!!!) and starting racing between the kitchen and dining room delivering food. I could hear her from the kitchen hollering and laughing, and was so thankful that she was relieving the other front gal.

We made a ton of “free” pizzas for the pass-holders. However, almost all of them ordered more items, or at the very least, ordered sodas, beer, wine, or salads. We certainly didn’t lose out on the deal.

We’re already planning next year’s event as well…. hauling down some snow and dumping it into our parking lot for a snow-castle competition!


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2 Responses to Ski Anthony Lakes / post party

  1. Jana says:

    I am so glad that went well. I hope some of us can get in a day or two while we are out there.

  2. Missy says:

    W00t! Glad it went well – teach me to comment on the last post before reading everything!

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