Slow during snow?

I had thought that we’d be much slower at the restaurant when all of this snow began to fly…

I thought wrong.

We had the busiest Wednesday ever, with three Christmas parties showing up throughout the evening. Thursday was just as busy, and last night was steady all evening.

We haven’t done any advertising at all in over a month (besides the Ski Anthony Lakes party) and we’re just as steady as we’ve ever been. Go figure.

We re-hired one of our favorite front gals who had left us to move to La Grande – she hated it and has moved back home. Having her back will relieve me of working so much in the restaurant and allow me more to time to work ON the restaurant. It’s amazing how much time I need in a day to do the paperwork / bills / menu-planning / advertising / etc. I’m sure it will get easier in time, right?

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One Response to Slow during snow?

  1. Missy says:

    um, sure. 🙂

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