Speaking of tips…

Our restaurant is described as a QSR, otherwise known as a Quick Service Restaurant.

You order at the counter, and pay the total amount due prior to receiving your food.

We deliver your food, check on your table, and refill your drinks as necessary. If you order anything further, we start a tab and cross our fingers that you’ll pay your bill at the counter before you leave. We’ve had a few people skip out on their bill, which sucks.

We have a tip jar on our counter which some customers will throw their change in, or a couple bucks after they’ve eaten and are on their way out the door. 

The tips accumulate throughout the day, and sometimes a customer at the counter will ask how the tip jar is distributed.

Basically, we take all of the payroll hours and divide them into the total of the tips.

For instance, if we have 20 total hours for payroll that day, and the tips are $100: 20 hours into $100 = $5 bucks an hour. If the employee worked 4 hours, they’d walk with $20 that day.

Lately, we’ve been having stellar tips, and the crew has been stoked to walk with $40 and even over $50 bucks a night! It’s a big deal to make that kind of pocket change, especially during the holidays.

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