Christmas Eve

I’ve eaten more food in the past four hours combined than I have in the last four days.

MIL made this orzo pasta with ginormous sea scallops and shrimp and sweet snap peas… I couldn’t stop eating. Giant crossaint-style rolls and a bottle of sticky red wine. My life is complete.

SIL and BIL and their FOUR KIDS are in town, visiting from Kansas.

Yes, Kansas. You probably don’t know anyone from Kansas. I do.

The oldest kids (18 and 16) are staying at our house and the youngest (4 and 6) are staying at MIL’s. Tonight, however, we merged over at MIL’s, and chaos erupted.

Whitey couldn’t wait to play with Jack, the 4-year-old. He proceeded to teach him how to skateboard in the house, and then, race the rolling ottoman up and down the hallway through the kitchen.

Everyone was allowed to open one out-of-town gift which proved to be memorable as well. BIL received a strange gift — an all-in-one fish knife and a strap-on sheath. He doesn’t fish.

Yet, this was one bad-ass knife. It even has his name engraved in it:

(Gordy is looking at dad with pride in his eyes…. right?)


Later in the evening, Jack (the 4-year-old) pulled some crazy kung-fu moves on Whitey, who as I write this, is upstairs recouperating. Jack was able to nail Whitey directly in the eye. Nice job.

Kevin was pretty upset about the violence, as you can see from this photo:

The kids put on their PJs and then set out snacks for Santa:

By the end of the night I was ready to dip into Santa’s stash. Kev was getting a back rub, Jack was looking around for another eye to knock out, and my SIL? She was self-medicating:

Speaking of self-medicating, I’m sipping on a Deschutes Abyss right now, and you should be jealous. It’s delish.

Happy Christmas. Merry Hannukah. 🙂

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