Snowed in

I went to Albertson’s grocery yesterday to pick up some green onions. We often run out of these at the restaurant, and we only have the choice of buying 3 bunches or an entire case (which ends up having a lot thrown away).

The produce department was sparse. Empty rows where the onions should be, and only a few bags of romaine on the shelves.

I questioned the manager who told me that they haven’t received a food truck in days. The freeway has been closed from Boise, and both Safeway and Albertson’s were hurting because of it. He claimed that there was a truck that arrived at Safeway on Christmas Eve, but that there was a line of people waiting for the stock and that the goods were bought up that very day.

When I was checking out of Albertson’s, the gal ringing up my order told me that they were almost out of plastic grocery bags as well and she wasn’t sure what they were going to do later in the day when they eventually ran out.

Paizano’s receives two food orders a week on average, one from Food Services of America and the other from Sysco. I screwed up and forgot to put in our order early last week, so we missed our FSA order on Friday. We’re down to two bags of flour and just a couple of bags of romaine hearts. We’ve run out of Gorgonzola, too, which I ended up having to purchase at the grocery store at $5 bucks for a tiny container.

If Safeway and Albertson’s aren’t able to get their trucks over the pass, I’m nervous that neither will Sysco on Monday morning.

Sorry, no pizza today. Nope… no stromboli either. Salads? Um, we’re out. How about some soup and beer? Plenty of that…

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