Christmas, last night

My folks sent us a box of presents for Christmas which finally arrived last night.

My mom must have spent hours wrapping these gifts in all of the correct colors to match our living room decor. She is an interior designer, of course.

(Seriously, mom, where did you find leopard print paper?)

Whitey and I had the house to ourselves right after work, so we had our own mini-Christmas party with the dogs.

You remember how much Max loves boxes, right? He began drooling the minute he saw how many toys boxes had been laid out on the sofa.

Barkley wanted in on the action, and snuck up on the sofa to steal the copper-colored bow.

Max was ridiculously happy to help to open the gifts, as the evidence hanging from his lip suggests.

By the end of the festivities, Max had stolen Barkley’s bow and was surrounded by the remenants of his tirade.

To truly understand how much Max loves boxes, watch this video:

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2 Responses to Christmas, last night

  1. Zac says:

    I love Max!!!

  2. Sherri says:

    Love it, you should upload to AFV and win $10,000 🙂

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