Choosing Gluten-Free on purpose

We made a gluten-free pie tonight so that the three employees on duty could try our recipe.

All three of them said that they really liked it, even though they don’t have a wheat allergy or intolerance. Yes. It was that good.

We had to make another batch of gluten-free crusts tonight, and so Whitey made a couple of itty-bitty 10″ crusts as well (the same size as those well-advertised 5 for $5.55 from a big pizza corporation – they’re SO small!!!)  for us to have or to sponsor for a celiac customer on a whim sometime.

We ended up baking one and bringing it home tonight. It had artichoke hearts and black olives.

And it was amazing.

No kidding, I ate half of this small pizza, and was in awe at how much crunch, chew, and flavor it had.

We recently switched the brown rice flour that we had been using in the recipe, so maybe that’s the key…

either way, I’m pretty certain that we’ll be selling alot more of these crusts in the near future now that our employees are sold on the product.

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