New Year’s Eve, 2008

Friends from Bend drove in on New Year’s Eve to see us. These aren’t your typical variety of friends — KC & Lisa Flynn are high-energy. I knew that after a full day of work, we were going to have some serious partying to do.

The Flynns checked into the Geiser Grand, and then made their way to Paizano’s for some dinner. We rushed through our closing list, and raced home to change before heading out. We met them at Barley’s to have a couple of beers, but the music was so loud that we couldn’t hold a conversation. At least they got to try the brews while they were in town.

We made our way to the new Earth & Vine Wine Bar which was recently opened in the remodeled Pythian Castle. They had a couple of jazz musicians playing, and we were able to sit at the bar and sip on wine while finally catching up on what has happened in the last 16-months since we’ve seen each other.

With a couple of drinks in each of us, we walked a couple of blocks to the Stockman’s, then immediately turned around and walked out. It was so flippin’ smoky in there, none of us could handle it. Instead, we found the Main Event, and while it was still a smoking-allowed bar, it was not nearly as crowded and full of fumes. Luckily, we were able to take over the new mezzanine-style 2nd floor and could people-watch during the festivities.

Somehow, we made our way through a few more cocktails which in turn added to the liquid-courage needed to get the karaoke mic into our hands.

Oh yeah. We rocked.

I should explain that KC is a bonafide rock star who once opened for Randy Travis. He’s a very talented musician and has a great voice (when he’s sober). He had the entire bar singing along to Sinatra.

His wife, on the other hand… well… at least she has fun when she sings. KC sure seemed to enjoy it, however.

We rang in the New Year, and Whitey pointed me towards the front door.


We walked home, which took awhile on the icy sidewalks. The next morning, we woke to 4 new inches of snow and I had to go and get the truck (which we had left behind Barley’s).

It was a hard morning.

Thanks, Flynns, for visiting our small town and giving us an excuse to go out and have a great time!

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3 Responses to New Year’s Eve, 2008

  1. Jen says:

    Who doesn’t love to croon “Goodbye Earl” on karaoke? Lisa, you go girl!

    Happy new year!!

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  3. Deborah says:

    TOO FUN KINA!! Miss the Stomboli! Could you have KC sing some more??

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