Doing Our Part for Baker City’s Economic Development

The Flynns visit to Baker City was a spontaneous decision to get out of town. They hadn’t seen myself or Whitey in forever, and used us as an excuse for a road trip.

They stayed at a local hotel, ate at local restaurants (when we weren’t hosting them at Paizano’s), and partied at local bars. They spent a lot of money on their two-day mini-vacation.

A few months ago, Missy and Jen came to visit as well…. using Paizano’s as the excuse to see a new town.

I felt guilty that I wasn’t going to be able to entertain them (working non-stop), but was reassured that all they wanted to do was relax. (Read about Jen’s trip here, and Missy’s blog post on Baker here)

I’m wondering if this isn’t a trend we’re starting.

When Whitey and I wanted to get away from Bend years ago, we didn’t want to go to Portland and deal with tons of people and traffic. Instead, we’d venture East and end up in Baker City.

Given, Bend had TONS of things to do, it was just that we wanted to get out of the normal day-to-day traffic/work/same ol’ same ol’. We would seriously RELAX in Baker City, eat a huge King’s Bowl of popcorn at the Geiser while laying in bed watching movies until late at night, then wander the trails up near Anthony Lakes the next day with a pack filled with goodies from BELLA and Safeway.

Our experiences in Baker City are what led us to move here, although now that we own a small business, we aren’t quite as relaxed as we used to be during our frequent visits.

Back to real time:

In a few hours, yet another couple of friends from Bend are arriving in Baker City to visit us. They plan on doing some serious back-country snowshoeing and lots of cross-country skiing. Like Jen and Missy (and then again the Flynns), they’re going to stay at a local hotel, eat at local restaurants (when we aren’t hosting them at Paizano’s), and probably do a little partying at local bars.

I feel a bit of de-ja-vu here.

I can’t wait to show off our little town, the great personalities of shop-owners, and the clean, clear streets of Baker City.

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One Response to Doing Our Part for Baker City’s Economic Development

  1. Missy says:

    I hope Jen and I (and Luigi!!) can make it out there again this spring!!

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