Cheese Debacle Update

We’ve purchased 180-lbs. of premium cheese, pre-grated, from our other food vendor. It’s vacuum packed and has absolutely no wax coating; it’s super-soft and delicious, but…

WAY too expensive to buy on a regular basis. Right now, however, it’s worth the cost to not have to use the cruddy cheese we were given from Sysco.

We normally grate our own mozzarella and add a smidgen of whole-milk provolone (for the chew n’ stretch that makes a good pizza cheese). Tomorrow, we’ll figure out how to mix our grated provolone with their pre-grated mozzarella.

It’s not that big a deal to anyone but us.

But to us? It’s a big deal.

At least the cheese quality is what we’re used to. The price, however….


We’re negotiating with a cheese broker to work out future buys on low-moisture, whole-milk (aka LMWM) mozzarella and should know what’s up in the next few days. Of course, we’ll be out of cheese by then (again) and stressing on what to do to keep our supply in check.

(PS: Thank you, TH, for your offer of help today in our Great Cheese Debacle)

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