Grande, how we love thee…

We’ve officially switched over to Grande cheese.

We had previously been using the LMWM mozzarella from one of our food vendors, but then the vendor switched the product and slapped the same label on it causing all kinds of problems for us. The quality just wasn’t the same.

After having our complaints confirmed by our sales rep (“Yeah, my cheese guy said that they got a good deal…”) we switched to Grande which is sold through another vendor. It’s 50% more per pound, but we knew that the quality would never be compromised. We had originally planned to sample other cheeses and find another brand, but meanwhile, we’ve received numerous compliments on this new cheese.

In fact, a couple (who come in often) made mention of the cheese specifically, saying how nice it browns now, and how much softer and more like buffalo mozzarella it is. They had no idea that we had just gone through the cheese debacle. I was floored that they could tell the difference.

So we’ve jumped on the Grande wagon.

And thus, our pies are coming out perfect again.

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