The Attack Dog

Whitey came back from a delivery last night, and announced that he had been attacked by a dog.

Then he laughed.

As he tells the story:

So I ring the doorbell and step back from the door, waiting for them to open it. All of a sudden this dog comes rushing towards me, barking and upset, so I put the pizza bag between us waiting for impact. The dog goes flying by me, about three-feet away from where I’m standing. He turns around, then charges at me again, growling ferociously, so I put the bag between us again and he does the same thing: goes running past me. I felt like a bull fighter.

So the door opens, and the guy says ‘Sorry about that… but don’t worry. He’s deaf and blind.’

I wonder what keeps that dog from running into trees and such? Poor thing. I told Whitey to be sure to bring him some pizza crusts the next time we get a delivery order from them. Although he’d probably not be able to catch the tossed treats very well.

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One Response to The Attack Dog

  1. shawn says:

    keep a diary of this stuff to be published later. everybody needs a retirement plan

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