While MIL was in Egypt for the last week (yes, I know… Egypt? What the…?) we had the pleasure of dog-sitting her lil’ terrorist:

Our dogs out-weigh him by over 100lbs., but he rules the roost.

And just two days ago, he decided that he didn’t like the competition that Max’s “baby bear” was bringing, and he tore its crotch out.

He pulled every last piece of stuffing out of that bear and rolled all over its guts while growling gleefully.

MIL returned from her trip to Egypt (no, I’m not sure why she went to Egypt, so don’t ask) and we delivered her sh*t shih-tzu to her promptly after getting home from the Boise airport.

She loves that stupid dog.

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One Response to Wall-Eye

  1. Adrienne says:

    Is that the same bamboo shelf from your room in Hawaii??

    Mark’s cousins vacation in Egypt (they live in Germany). I guess it’s inexpensive and the beaches are insane!

    Shih-tzu: Big devils in little packages.

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