Delivery Charge

The days of Free Delivery are over.

The cost of gas, taxes, and even to-go containers have prompted most restaurants to impose a fee for the delivery of their menu items. Shoot. Our 2-foot pizza box is just shy of $2 bucks each! I’d much rather have someone dine-in than to order delivery.

The other pizza places that deliver here in Baker City (national chains) charge $2 and $2.25 for delivery. Paizano’s has the cheapest delivery charge in town: $1.50.

But is that fair?

The flat-fee is charged to a customer who lives five miles away, as well as the person five blocks away.

The other night, I ended up taking a delivery that took 15-minutes to get to, 3-minutes for the drop-off & to collect the payment, and another 15-minutes to get back to the restaurant. Over a half an hour for an $18 pizza, not to mention monopolizing the only delivery vehicle that we have.

So what is delivery worth to a customer?

In their comfy sweatpants, watching TV, super-relaxed…. yet HUNGRY. They don’t want to get dressed, start the cold car, drive to a restaurant, order it “to-go”, wait ten minutes, then drive home.

So what’s it worth?

A flat fee of a buck fifty?

Whitey has suggested that we do $1 per mile. Most deliveries that we do are within two miles anyway, and so the charge would be within the standard set by the industry.

What do you think? Is this something that would put people off from delivery, or would you prefer being charged by the distance/time it takes to get your order to you?

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2 Responses to Delivery Charge

  1. Kina in Portland says:

    Hey Kina!!

    Jason and I love to dine out, and recently discovered a delivery service that delivers
    from many restaurants… they charge anywhere
    from $6 – $8 delivery.

    You probably don’t have to go that high, but
    with what sounds like much higher quality pies
    than the nationals, people’d likely pay more,
    and understand the convenience of delivery.


  2. JP says:

    Why not offer free delivery for any order over a certain amount? Otherwise, I like Whitey’s idea. Maybe 50 cents a mile one way?

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