Friday Night in February

We had quite the day yesterday.

First, a delivery for a business meeting of about 30 people. I got it there on time and raced back to the restaurant to get the next huge order out the door. It was for a lunch meeting of 40 people, and included giant salads. Everything was ready to go about five minutes after she arrived, so all went well. The back of her SUV was packed with food – everyone laughed that she had better not get rear-ended on her way back to work.

Busy busy busy lunch. I cant remember the last time we had a lunch of that magnitude. Whitey ended up having to do another two batches of dough in the afternoon, even though he had done three that morning. I was able to go home and clean the house and stop at the vets to check on Max (he had to have minor surgery to remove a freakish thing from his ear – we will find out the diagnosis next week).

We figured that because lunch was so hectic, we would be slow for dinner.

We figured wrong.

Our dining room was packed for almost the entire evening. Whitey had to park a half a block away in between picking up and delivering pizzas. It was nuts.

A friend who runs another restaurant in town stopped in to see how the night was. He said his place (on the opposite side of town) was slammed all night as well.

At the end of the night, I was near tears.

So. Tired. Need. Sleep. Cold beer. Then Sleep.

We had a full Sweet Thai Chicken slice pie left, so after closing down for the night I ran that over to my second-favorite restaurant (our local brewpub) to share with their kitchen crew in exchange for a cold Chaos brew. They had been just as busy.

There is a district basketball tournament in town right now, so I am sure that has alot to do with it. Yet, with our restaurant, the front gals made specific mention that they only had one couple in all night that were from out of town. Everyone else was local.

That is pretty cool, to be that busy, and have 99% locals in our place supporting our business.

Good news.

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