Pizza Eating Challenge

Yesterday was crazy, yes.

But besides that.

Let’s talk lunch.

It might have been crazier than dinner. Would men wearing skirts questionable outfits carrying swords count?

These boys showed up to attempt our Pizza Challenge. Eat one of our 2-foot pies in 30-minutes and you’ll win $100 bucks + whatever you’ve paid for your pie. Long-legs on the left had been training for over a month, sword-man in the middle was a dark horse, and dude on the right didn’t stand a chance.

Check it out:

He gave up after 3.5 slices. Not a bad effort.

Halfway through the challenge…..

Stacking the slices doesn’t make it any easier. I tried to tell these guys that before they started eating, but the desperation as the time ticks down makes them go a bit crazy. Dutch, on the left, was the one guy we thought was going to pull off the challenge.

The pain was evident.

Everyone cheered Dutch on during the last minute of the challenge. There was no way he could pull it off, though, as much as he chewed and chewed. That’s a LOT of food.

All in all it was a crazy way to start a crazy day. Good times.

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5 Responses to Pizza Eating Challenge

  1. Totally need Adam from Man vs. Food to find this one! I think I could do some damage.

  2. monkeyinabox says:

    Previously, I stated that the time you allow is too short. Recently, I saw a similar pizza eating contest on the Travel Channels Man Vs. Food. This is where he went.

    Their challenge allows you to bring a friend, but the pizza is 30″ and has more toppings, but they are given 1 hour to finish it. They also pay $250. No one has beaten their challenge yet.

  3. Tom says:

    Poor Dutch, he looks so miserable.

  4. I can eat some food, but I don’t want to think about the results to my digestive track of that much bread.

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