The phone started ringing at about 4 o’clock yesterday, and wouldn’t stop.


We rarely take reservations, but make exceptions for parties of over 8 people. We took three reservations in a row: 10 people, 18 people, and 8 people. That fills the dining room and leaves seating for about 12 more people.

We knew we were about to get slammed.

Front gal called another front gal at home (on her day off) and asked her to come in. She reluctantly agreed, and by the time she came in, our dining room and kitchen were packed with customers and orders.

We’re like a well-oiled machine, timing our orders correctly and giving accurate time-estimates to people within a minute of their food being ready. We know when to bump an order to the front and when to quote 2.5 hours on a delivery.

And then… someone orders an Antipasto.

That little guy up top, with all of the yummy little finger foods….

it’s a pain to make.

Whenever an Antipasto is ordered, groans are heard in the kitchen and the 5-minute process begins. Five-minutes is a long time for an appetizer. We can’t pre-make these, as the cheese needs to be freshly-sliced and the crostini needs to be freshly-toasted.

So someone has to step off the make line for those five-minutes, leaving the other orders on the ticket rail begging for attention.

It’s just one of those things.

The final touch on these Antipasto plates is a drizzle of sweet balsamic reduction before it goes out to the customer. Black gold. Yum. And no, I didn’t steal it from Newport Avenue Market.

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2 Responses to Antipasto

  1. It is so darn fun to read about your success!!!!!

    LOVE that!
    I’ll be calling in an order tomorrow.. to go.. as in I’ll come in and take it to go (17 miles away)!!!

    And love the Antipasto goodies!!

  2. skippymom says:

    Your blog is so engaging and I have been plowing through it over the last two days – excuse my stalking heehee – but I promise if I come and you are busy – I will order this [because, C’MON – it is gorgeous] with the caveat that I don’t expect for an hour.

    I can wait for that goodness. 😀 WOW.

    [PS former restaurant worker/waitress – if I could figure out how to get to your part of the world I would work for you and Whitey for free. YOU guys are what good owners are all about.]

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