Basketball Tournament in Baker City

Our town is hosting the Oregon state 1A high-school basketball tournament right now. The teams started arriving on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, we did lunch for the officials/referees meeting, and then lunch for the coaches shortly afterwards. Later in the day, we hosted a team in our dining room and all of their friends, family members and fans.

Today, we expected to be busy. We prepped our little hearts out while singing this afternoon, ready to take on the task.

At four o’clock, over 30 people walked in, and they ordered a huge variety of menu items — all of which came out of the kitchen within five-minutes after the first order was served. We had three separate “moms” come back to the kitchen to let us know how pleased they were with their meals. Yay us!

Then, dinner began. We rushed and ran around for a few hours, and didn’t have one mistake all night.

We normally close at 8pm on weekdays (during the Winter, otherwise it’s 9pm / 10pm on the weekends in the Summer). Tonight, however, we had received a phone call asking us to stay open later to serve a team that had a late game.

Sure, I said.

Front gal and I watched the last ten minutes of American Idol on the big-screen, and then set up for the masses.

Little did we know….

over 50 people poured into our dining room at 10 o’clock tonight, two-hours after we normally close.

It was chaos. Standing-room-only.

It had started snowing earlier in the evening, and by that time, we had a good three inches of fresh powder in the parking lot. Some of the younger kids stayed outside to have snowball fights, while the adults and the basketball team took over the dining room.

I vaguely heard Front Gal ask me (while I was running out a Giant pie) “Is there anyone we can call to help us?”

I was able to get a hold of our ovens guy who had left over an hour earlier. He was there within minutes. (side note: I love you, JC!)

He took over in the kitchen helping Whitey while I ran as fast as I could to deliver food.

We ran out of pint glasses, forks, plates….

It really was chaos. I’m not exaggerating. Chaos.

Yet, it was fine.

Everyone received their food within 20-minutes, and we received more compliments than is normal with such a large group.

Yay, Us… again!

We finally finished cleaning up around midnight, the crew went home, and Whitey and I were able to leave.

Whitey put in a 16-hour day (with a 2-hour break/nap @ home in the late afternoon), and I pushed 13-hours straight. Long hours, but very worth it.

It’s now almost one o’clock in the morning. I’m finishing my Thera-Flu PM (my drug of choice these days) and plan on slumbering for a solid 6 hours.

Tomorrow (actually, today: Friday) is supposed to be the busiest day of the whole tournament. If it’s any busier than today, I’m not sure we can do it.

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