March Madness

This past week was nutso.

Tuesday? Busy.
Wednesday? Busier.
Thursday? Crazy busy.
Friday? Ridiculous.

Oh Saturday. I’ll never forget you.

Saturday night was mahem and madness and maniacs all rolled up into one big, fat, nutty night. Lunch was silly busy, and then we had to prepare for the evening. 15 XLarge pies, 10 Giant salads and almost a dozen orders of breadsticks for a delivery to the high school (which, thankfully, is only two blocks away). Directly after that, we had a pre-order of seven giant pies to be ready a half an hour later. Saturday officially kicked our arses.

Whitey was only able to grab five hours of sleep before heading back in on Sunday (at the crack of dawn) to make more dough.

So we figured that Sunday’s business would die down. All of the state basketball tournament teams would be heading home… right?

I was told that I had a phone call on hold, Sunday morning, around 11am.

“Hello, thanks for holding, what can I do for you,” I said.

“Well, our boys took a vote and they want to stop in for one last meal before we head out of town,” said the coach. He had already brought the team in on Tuesday night and on Thursday evening. Three times the charm.

“Sure,” I answered. “Would you like to pre-order before you get here?”

“Yes,” he said. “We’ll take five giant pepperoni pizzas, one giant pepperoni with mushrooms and black olives, a giant Aloha Freddy, and a large cheese pizza.”

“Great!” I exclaimed. “When should we expect you?”

“Five minutes or so,” he responded.

I laughed, and then realized with his silence that he wasn’t kidding.

We hustled into action, and the team had food in front of them with ten minutes of showing up. Yay, Us!

As I write this, it’s Monday night, and things are back to normal. We’re planning on getting out at a decent hour, picking up some flautas at our local Mexican restaurant, and settling in at home with the DVR and a cold Abyss.

Yes, my friends.

Abyss. We deserve it.

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4 Responses to March Madness

  1. Missy says:

    Rock on, sister! I’m so damn proud of your success!

  2. Jana says:

    I was wondering how you were faring! Sounds like you came through it!

  3. JB says:

    Speechless. Wow.

  4. JB says:

    How much for my own franchise?

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