I overheard one of our front gals on the phone just now:

Um, no, I don’t think so….” she said. “I’m pretty sure…. Okay…. Alright. I’ll ask my manager.

She came into the kitchen, covered the phone and asked me, “Um, they’re going to have a birthday party here. Do we have anywhere to hang a piñata?”

I stared at her, incredulous to even the concept of hanging a pinata in our dining room.

Before I could answer, she uncovered the mouthpiece and said, “Nope. We certainly don’t.

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One Response to ¡Arriba!

  1. Too darn funny!!! I mean, let’s think… an indoor pinata? Things flying? Things getting hit?

    How about their living room?

    Otay.. Just had to get that one out…

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