Ahhhh! Health Inspection!

We had a surprise health inspection yesterday.

It was 1:40pm when the inspector walked past the front counter (surprising our front gal who followed with a “I don’t know who this person is” look on her face) and showed up in our kitchen, directly following a fairly busy lunch. We tried to stay busy as we watched our food being poked and prodded, and temperatures were checked with the shiny thermometer.

When the inspector entered the walk-in fridge, the door closed and we had a moment to speak freely. We all agreed that our walk-in is impeccable. We clean it every night, and stack things according to code. No problems there.

I announced that everyone should double-check their work stations to make certain that it was sparkling.

I had no reason to worry, though.

We aced it.

Again. 🙂  100%.

Just saying….

I LOVE OUR CREW!!!!!!!!!!

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One Response to Ahhhh! Health Inspection!

  1. Calhoun says:

    Hey, atleast we werent in boise at the OLIVE GARDEN scarfin’ down some lasagna real quick before we headed home from the food show. HA! good times Kina 😉

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