150-Second Commute

It takes me two and a half minutes to get to work. This is including thirty seconds at a stop-light just down the street from home.

I know this because this morning I received a call from Whitey saying:

I need you here. STAT. Like… NOW!

It was 9:30a.m. The restaurant opens at eleven, so I knew that something major must be happening.

Someone had called right when Whitey had gotten to work, and had asked him if we could cater a luncheon later this afternoon. Sure, he replied.

The woman on the phone said it would just be a couple of pies, and he told her to call back when she had a head-count and knew exactly what she wanted.

She called back and said, “We are thinking it will be about sixty people. So we will need 10 Giant pies at just before noon.”

Holy crud.

We can only fit 2 giant pies in the ovens at a time. They are THAT big.

Plus, they usually take about eight minutes to make, and another five to bake. You do the math. C’est impossible.

When I arrived 2.5 minutes after Whitey called me, he was mid-way through his first pie. We had to bust out these ten giant pizzas, as well as another five slice pies for the high-school lunch (at 11:45). No way, right?


We made FIFTEEN two-foot pizzas in an hour and twenty minutes. It was insane. We par-baked the delivery order, and they were stacked everywhere in the kitchen. When it came down to crunch time, we were working like a well-oiled machine, slinging them into the oven to finish baking, sliding them into a huge box, slicing and stacking them into the delivery van.

VaVOOM! I took a front gal with me on the delivery, and we had all of the pies and salads in place FIVE MINUTES before the meeting let out for lunch.

HIGH FIVE! (and excuse all of the CAPS — I can’t help it — it was EXCITING!!!!!)

We raced back to the restaurant mid-way through a busy lunch.

What a way to start the day!

I’m home now (11:30p.m.) and am unwinding. We had a call earlier today asking if we would cater an early dinner tomorrow for about fourty people.

No sweat. After today, I know that we can do anything.

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4 Responses to 150-Second Commute

  1. Adrienne says:

    High Five!

  2. Mom says:

    Lar and I just came from lunch at Jacksons Corner.This is our third visit. We split a ceasar salad and a pizza.It was quite good and we enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere.When we got up to leave one of the crew asked how we liked our lunch? It was so hard for me not to say it was the second best pizza in Oregon.Looking forward to some ono food real soon. Love Mom
    PS. I am going to order the antipasta so be prepared!

  3. Matt says:

    Well done indeed. I think you guys are getting it nailed down.

  4. Kina in Portland says:

    you guys are awesome. we’re gonna have to come visit.

    …we’ll call ahead ! 🙂

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