We started the day with twelve Giant pizzas.

Twelve two-foot pies to be tossed, topped and baked just before opening.

What a way to start the day, eh?

The past three weeks have kicked my arse. We’ve been busy every day, and I’ve had little time to do anything besides work. I’m certainly not complaining.

We’ve hired a new kitchen hand, and he’s keeping up with our fast pace. I still think that we need to hire another person. However, when I ran a recruitment ad in our local newspaper we received very few qualified applications.

It seems as if the headlines / radio / interwebs are all expounding the economic downturn, bankruptcies, and the mass lay-offs of very capable people. Yet, we’re HIRING. We’re EXPANDING. Doesn’t that garner a golf-clap?

Ah yes, Duncan. Expanding. I’ll give you a moment to shake your head in awe.

Here’s a quote from Duncan, as read on his blog:

While I’m not doing something entirely different, I am going to add menu items and services. The expansion drawings are in the works, and I should have something to share with you all in the next week or so.

We’re re-investing in ourselves in the true form of entrepreneurial spirit.

Stay tuned.

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One Response to Growth

  1. Brian says:

    Good for you guys. I know you’ve been crazy busy, because we’ve been in for pie after 2PM two times now and have eaten in a pretty packed dining room.

    We didn’t even get to see you on Friday when we were in.

    So glad you guys are here and thriving.


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