Success breeds either success or ill will

“How’s Business?”

That’s the first question that I’m asked by other business owners. As business owners, we’re curious about how other companies are doing in our town, especially those businesses that are in our own industry. We all want to stay on top of our A-game, and knowing what our competition is doing helps with motivation in building our own business.

But to wish failure upon another business? That’s just stupid.

I can see wishing failure upon a business that’s owned by someone who had an affair with your spouse. Or maybe who had once punched you in the face…

…but to want another business in your town to fail? That’s flat out wrong.

The more successful businesses we have, the more the town succeeds. Viable businesses that offer a great product or service are instrumental in keeping local dollars LOCAL. Successful businesses entice newcomers to visit more often, or to move to a community and start their own local business.

Let’s say that every plumber in Baker City was out of work. Eventually, all of the plumbers would have to move to an area that had more service calls. Our town would be without a plumber, and so we’d have to either pay top-dollar for a contractor to drive from an outlying area, or do shoddy work ourselves.

What if there were only three restaurants in town? If you liked to go out to eat, you’d have very few options and a long wait for a table. Eventually, you’d get bored and drive out of town more often for entertainment and good food.

Someone recently told me that an associate of theirs who owns a local business here in Baker mentioned that they hoped that one of their competitors would go out of business soon. It irked me to no end, and we talked about just what I’ve written here.

For example: The dollar that I spend at Davis Computers here in Baker City eventually finds its way back into my pocket when one of their employees buys lunch at our restaurant. The dollar that they spend at our restaurant eventually finds its way back into that same employee’s pocket when I need their services again. If Davis Computers were to fail, I’d end up spending that dollar in La Grande or Boise, where it would end up never seeing my till again.

Local, small businesses are the heart and soul of a small town. Locally-owned businesses are what drives the local economy.

If they fail, the town fails.

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6 Responses to Success breeds either success or ill will

  1. Yes yes yes!!! You are so right about this… I have run into the exact same attitude with vendors at several local Farmers Markets who bad mouth their competition.. mainly because they want to be the ONLY big dog and it makes them mad when people shop with someone else..and their sales go down. It drives me crazy! For one, in Agriculture, there aren’t that many of us.. and we need to help each other out and be a united force. By bad mouthing the competition it makes the ‘bad mouther’ look bad… 2nd: If the customer goes to the competition because now there are more than 1 of you, that means the customer is not 100% satisfied and there is a learning experience to be had! Either price, product, salesmanship or attitude needs some work! Oh, I could go on and on about this one!!! Some of my favorite fellow friends at Farmers Markets are in the exact same business as me. When we run out of a certain item we send our shoppers to each other… Sometimes it amazes our customers…who say, ‘aren’t they your competition?’ and I say, ‘yes, but they are also my friends and we are in the same industry’. (This just happened in Pendleton a week ago!)…
    Life is too short…
    But because of the negative bad mouths other vendors get pushed out, and thus, the market stands are fewer and fewer in numbers… A sad thing for our communities…who benefit from variety and lots of vendors and a vibrant shopping experience!!!!

  2. Dave Goodman says:

    Bravo! I love when people see the big picture, understand the whole system, instead of having primitive kneejerk reactions. No wonder you’re doing so well.

  3. Jen says:

    Ohhhh so juicy. You have to fill me in! I think this town needs a bakery. Not the Safeway/Albertson’s/Sysco crap but a real baked bread and pastry bakery. Yum.

  4. Tom says:

    When the market grows and with that competition ensues, then EVERYONE benefits. Its NOT a “zero sum game”. The more vendors at a farmer’s market, the more synergy will result with more customers coming. It seems so obvious to me.

    Yes, Jen we need a real “artisan” bakery downtown. If only I had the time and money.

  5. Paul Gross says:

    With small towns come small minds…I once looked down upon-to put it nicely-for riding a stick of wood with four wheels on it.

  6. Lyle Hicks says:

    I was asked shortly after the demise of Dennys here in bend if I was happy to see them go. I quickly said no. They returned with why as I should recieve even more customers now.

    It is not just the business aspect of competition breeding better business but we as restauranteurs know just how hard the work is. And to see anyone fail after all of that and to be happy about their demise is just wrong.

    The man who revels in other persons pain will feel that pain some time or another.

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