Lovin’ the lovin’ from our oven

Yesterday, we had a customer come up to the counter and announce that she had driven all the way from Portland just to eat our Blue Buffalo stromboli.

She and a co-worker had stopped in over a month ago while traveling through Baker City, and they both dined on stromboli and shared a salad.

I remembered her right away. They had sat in the back corner;  her friend had dark brown hair. I mentioned this, and she smiled and said, “Yes! You have a great memory!”

I have learned very quickly to remember the positive, forget (and learn from) the negative, and reward regular customers.

She said that she was going to stay in Baker City for the weekend, enjoy the Sumpter Flea Market and tour our town, then pick up a stromboli on Monday before she left back to Portland so that she could surprise her friend with lunch. She also bought two of our pint glasses. 🙂

The fact that she chose to spend a 3-day weekend in Baker City just because she loved our food so much makes my day week… MONTH!

A few weeks back, we had a group come in for a birthday party. They were from Boise, and the birthday boy had asked to come to Paizano’s for lunch. So these 8 people made a road trip out of it, and spent the day in Baker just because they loved our gluten-free pizza more than any that they could get locally. Again, what an awesome feeling to know that we mean that much to him and his family.

I was talking with some of our kitchen crew recently, and mentioned that if we could use better ingredients, we would. We use the best cheese, the best flour, the best pepperoni, the best chicken wings, the best lettuce, the best bacon and chicken and sausage and garlic and bread and salami and sun-dried tomatoes and balsamic (etc.) that we can buy. We don’t fake our way through our menu. We’re consistent in our menu, and I believe it shows.

I’m very proud of our product, and of the crew that works here. If I had only one wish in changing our restaurant, it would be to clone everyone who works here. I’d hire them in a heartbeat, and stop working 65-80 hours a week.

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