Too tired to spell check

50 hours in 4 days. I’ve put in my time. I got to the restaurant at 7am today, and just left at 11:30 tonight.

Whitey has been sick… so sick that he has turned down golf invitations. Now that’s sick.

Seriously, though, he had a temperature of 103-degrees two days ago, then it broke and was 99 today. It shot back up to 102 this afternoon.

I had quarantined him to the bedroom and the basement (TV room), putting myself in the guest bedroom so that I wouldn’t catch the bug.

When his temperature shot up again today, I insisted that he go the hospital.

He had 4 of the 6 symptoms of the latest Swine Flu, but they immediately tested him for it and dismissed it as the cause. Turns out that his flu-like symptoms are due to the fact that his wisdom teeth are coming in.

He’ll have to visit a dentist, have his wisdom teeth removed, and take a few more days off.

I, on the other hand, will have to find out a way to sleep before putting in another 12-hour day. Blogging at midnight probably won’t help…..

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One Response to Too tired to spell check

  1. Hey.. thank God it’s ‘just’ his wisdom teeth!
    Hang in there! Both of you…

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