Jake’s Diner was here!

What a great surprise.

Last night, Lyle and his wife, Judy came for dinner.

They own and operate Jake’s Diner in Bend, Oregon. Lyle is a fellow blogger, and I follow his posts religiously. Their diner recently received the 2009 Small Business of the Year award in Bend, and he is a mentor of sorts in this industry.

I happened to be behind the counter when two big, burly bikers walked in. I looked right past them towards the front door, because I was sure that I recognized the bearded face outside. Sure enough…

How cool is that? I breezed past the bikers (apologizing later for ignoring them), and burst outside. They had walked over from their motel with their itty bitty dog. I immediately brought out a bowl of water (which we normally have outside for our 4-legged friends) and we chatted for a bit.

A few minutes later I was summoned inside for a rush, but before leaving I insisted that they come back for dinner.

They did, and because it was a strangely slow night I was able to talk with them for awhile.

It made my night. Lyle is a very laid-back, savvy business man, and his wife is a pistol of the red-headed persuasion (of which I am partial to.) 🙂 We talked shop as we watched ominous clouds roll in from the Elkhorns and lightening striking the outlying farm land.

They were planning on traveling through to Hells Canyon, then to do a loop back to Bend. I’m looking forward to some photos (hint hint).

Thank you for visiting Baker City. It really means a lot to me to have fellow bloggers come through to see our town.

PS: I still want a sticker for our delivery van!

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3 Responses to Jake’s Diner was here!

  1. Lyle Hicks says:

    Hi Kina, Judy and I really enjoyed our visit. We made it to Joseph but could not take Mia on the tram so drove to La Grande. So, what is so grand about that place…we immediatly drove back to Joseph and to a Bed and Breakfast that we had met the owners of earlier.

    We will be going up on the tram in the morning while they watch Mia.

    Judy says that we have to come back to Baker just so she can stay in your condo however (she is enthrawled with that place).

  2. Kina in Portland says:

    I *LOVE* Jakes. When I lived in Sunriver I stopped there for breakfast every time I was on my way to the mountain to ski (and many mornings when I was not skiing!!).

    🙂 Cheers, happy summer!

  3. Jake says:

    Lyle is a great guy, tells the best stories, has a great blog, and I’m at his place at least a few times a month. He’s truly one of Bend’s great treasures.

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