Pizza Challengers

You wouldn’t believe that a girl as tiny as this would even attempt the Pizza Challenge.

But she did. And she was absolutely, positively CERTAIN that she could do it. I was absolutely, positively CERTAIN that she couldn’t, and even upped the prize to $500, offering to pay the rest out of my own pocket if she were to win.

Her brother tagged along to try it as well.

He quit after two slices, so enough about him.

How do I find the words to explain how FAST this girl inhaled her first slice? She was a powerhorse!

Seriously. She stood the entire time, only taking itty bitty sips of water when she needed it.

Her entourage of about a dozen people were cheering her on loudly. Chew! Chew! GO GO! I nervously watched as she consumed half of the pizza in less than half of the time allowed.

She was on target to win $500 bucks.

And then?

She said the magic words: “I’m getting full.”

I smiled and nodded, knowing full well what would come next. You can see it in her face in the photo. Even her tiny belly had a bump. A pizza bump. A cheesy, crusty, ham and pineapple bump.


She was toast. She gave up with 7-minutes left on the clock, and two slices left.

She got the last two slices to go, saying that she’d need a snack on the drive to Bend later that day. I took it as a compliment. 🙂

Another one bites the dust.

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One Response to Pizza Challengers

  1. monkeyinabox says:

    $500 offer? That’s almost tempting enough to put on drag and go for it. 😉

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