Not a Kid anymore

Our ovens guy graduated from high school this weekend.

I was able to sneak out of work for a couple of hours, and so I picked up two of our front gals and we made the short drive to North Powder for his graduation ceremony.

I believe that there were about a dozen kids in his graduating class. Small town, small school.



This kid is the real deal. He is clean-cut, has an amazing work ethic, and above all, is respectful. He respects his friends, his co-workers, his elders, even some people who really don’t deserve his respect.

Thinking about that statement, that might just be his only downfall.

JC has worked at Paizano’s since Day One, and is one of our most trusted employees. The kid has a key.

He also is trusted to run the kitchen when I’ve worked a solid 10 hours and need a power nap on the floor in my office before the rush. He’s out there making pies, running the line, and doing it all as quietly as possible so that I can get 20-minutes of shut-eye.

JC, stop laughing.

No, really. Stop laughing. I’m trying to take your picture.

Just pose with the pie, will ya?

… and SMILE goshdarnit!

Whitey and I both think very highly of this kid young man, and I know we’ll both be both bummed and proud when he eventually leaves our employ. For now, I’m stoked that he’s going to a local college and is going to be working with us for awhile.

Congrats, JC. (You’re still my favorite.)

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One Response to Not a Kid anymore

  1. Awesome post!!!!!

    So neat to see an employer who values their employees… and shares that!!!!

    North Powder is only 7 miles from us.. It’s very tempting to send our kids there after Haines for the reasons you mentioned about JC… They certainly ‘learn’ how to play nice with others!!!!

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