The spill over from Terrific Tuesday

This beer was pretty dang good. I found it, and the latest Mirror Mirror ale at BELLA in downtown Baker.

I haven’t tried the Mirror Mirror yet, but am looking forward to sharing it during the Tuesday night Homebrew Club meeting at Paizano’s. I’m also going to share a bottle of Jon’s homebrew (yes, Jon, it’s still holding up – had one last night and it was delicious!) and the Double Dead Guy that Mike Long brought back from Boise for me. 🙂 THANKS MIKE!

Oh, and the eggs that are pictured? You were wondering about that, right?

This past Tuesday was my day off, so I only had to work for a couple of hours at lunch. Oxymoron, I know, but trust me, it felt like an entire day off. I spent the morning flying (best.thing.ever.), then worked a crazy lunch rush, then picked up my front girl for lunch. We went to Earth & Vine for fondue and wine, then shopped in downtown Baker for their “Terrific Tuesday” specials.

We bought the beer and some small items at BELLA (who I don’t think is participating in the TT campaign), then spent some time at the Sycamore Tree. Jackie (the owner of this really awesome home decor store) convinced me that Paizano’s needed to participate in this Shop Local campaign. She signed us up, handed me a few marketing materials, and I now need to figure out what kind of cool special to do on Tuesdays. I’ll work on that soon – like, Monday night.

So, back to the eggs. Jackie showed me a list of businesses doing this Terrific Tuesday campaign, and one business in particular looked unfamiliar. A new business, which meant that we had to go and check it out.

Starwood Market is across the street from the old post office right on Main Street (near the Yamaha dealer), in a tiny building formerly occupied by a dog groomer. They’ve cleaned the place up, put on a fresh coat of paint, and have packed it full of organic foods, ingredients, and gardening paraphernalia. There are fresh cuttings, bat guano, and duck eggs.

These are some honkin’ eggs. The shell is thick, and the yolk is big. I guess they’ve had a lot of customers ask the difference between chicken and duck eggs, because this is posted on the cooler:

Please take note of the status of Cholesterol. I found it amusing.

The eggs are from her own flock of ducks, 24 adults and two or three babies. I used to have a pet duck. Remember, mom? Wasn’t his name Jack? He lived in our bathtub until he got too big to wander our apartment. I wonder whatever happened to Jack.

Anywho…. I bought some duck eggs. My dogs ate a few, and I made a rather tasty omelet the next morning for myself with smoked cheddar and freshly grated horseradish. Yum!

It’s really convenient that this campaign is on Tuesdays, which happens to be my only day off. I’ve got a full schedule for this up-coming Tuesday, ending with the homebrew club meeting at Paizano’s at 7pm. Mirror Mirror in my glass, don’t stall in my belly and end up on my arse!

See you then…

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One Response to The spill over from Terrific Tuesday

  1. chuggnutt says:

    Glad to know it’s still holding up. Mine are too, but my supply is dwindling. 🙂

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