Wednesday’s Flight

Had another great day yesterday in the cockpit. Mike and I flew to Richland, then looped around and he had me practice different pitches based on the horizon.

“I want you to climb at an airspeed of 100 and then level off at 8,000-feet.”

It was a very, very good day. I had an AHA moment when he covered the instrument panel and made me just watch the horizon, and it felt normal.

It was a rough day, too, because about an hour before my flight I twisted my ankle. Puffy and purple, I hobbled into the office and explained that I had slipped on a piece of sausage. The guys asked me to change my story, because it was just too open for bad jokes.

Using my bad ankle to push on the brakes and work the rudder in the air only magnified the swelling, and by the end of the lesson, I was feeling pretty sore.

It was worth it, though.

I know, my glasses look funny. I have to wear them above the headset.

Hi Mike!

Sorry ladies. He has a girlfriend. I met her during the recent motorcycle rally.

Baker City looks more like a town than a city from up here.

I have a video from my camera phone, but cannot figure out how to upload it to WordPress.

You can watch it here.

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2 Responses to Wednesday’s Flight

  1. Dave Goodman says:

    Wow, you are one determined lady. Kudos!

    AHAs much better than OOPSes. 🙂

    If you upload your video to YouTube or another host, then you can link to it or embed it here. Hope that helps.

    Slipped on a sausage. LOL. Not gonna forget that one for a while. Hope it heals fast. (Stay offa it!)

  2. Keith says:

    Looks like you’re having fun! Keep up the good work.

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