and now for the 2-week update…

MAN we’ve been busy.

Summer is kicking our booties, and we’re lovin’ every minute of it!

Well, not every minute.

A couple of weeks ago I had a flight lesson that made me almost lose it. I had eaten a piece of the Bueno Taco pizza for lunch, and went up for an afternoon flight. The warm air created quite a bit of turbulence, and it was the day that we were to practice stalling the plane in flight. Point the nose up, hear the warning horn, and BOOM! No power. The plane drops backwards and down, like a bad boat ride.

Not my video, but it gives you some idea:

So. Turbulence + bueno taco pizza + stalling = not so bueno.

It was the worst lesson ever. I had to ask my instructor to take the controls twice because I was sure that I was going to be opening my window and spraying chunks all over the rolling hills behind the Oregon Interpretive Center.

“Gee, honey, that was a mighty big bug that smacked our windshield on our way back from Richland. And what’s that smell? I suddenly have a craving for Taco Bell.”

We landed, I immediately left, and yet somehow I got the gumption to get back in the air only days later. Of course, I went early in the morning when the air was perfect, and it was smooth as silk. I went from the worst lesson to the best lesson in a matter of moments. Troy and I did five stalls, four of which were perfect (his words).

Then, in my last lesson on Thursday, I had yet another instructor (Bret) who was awesome! He was so patient, really relaxed, and talked me through three touch-and-go landings. It was amazing — AMAZING! I was high for the rest of the day.

Alright. Enough about flying. Although, truly, it’s the most exciting part of my life right now.


Paizano’s had a visit from an old friend last week, JD Platt & the K9 Kings!

I’ve known JD for almost 20 years now, and he’s always been extreme. I’ll never forget the first time I went snowboarding with him and a bunch of people – he blew me away! We used to go disco dancing on Thursday nights in Bend, fully-equipped with afro wigs and gold Lamé.

Now? He trains dogs like none other. He’s been on Ellen, The Greatest American Dog, and Pet Star (to name the ones off the top of my head).

Seriously. Go here to watch a few videos of his awesomeness.

JD and the pups were on their way to Salt Lake City to do a show for a 4th of July rodeo. After catching up with his Facebook posts, I realized he would be heading out from Portland, and therefore would be coming right through Baker! Yee haw! I sent him an email, and when I got to work, there he was.

The trailer is fully equipped as a traveling dog kennel and living quarters. It’s pretty decked out for the dogs. They were happy to see new people, and we visited with them for awhile before making JD some lunch and sending him off towards I-84 for his 6-hour drive.


We had a visit last Sunday from a friend and fellow blogger, Wendy, and her family. They were heading through from a family reunion in Idaho, and took the long way home to visit Paizano’s. It just so happened to be her son’s 9th birthday, so we threw an apron on him and insisted that he make his own lunch.

He rolled his dough, tossed, sauced and cheesed it all by himself. I helped him to get it into the oven, and five minutes later, he served it to the dining room. He was pretty shy about the whole thing, but I got a few smiles and could tell that he really enjoyed himself.


Commercial Break:

1/2 Margherita, 1/2 Alaskan (alfredo sauce, roma tomatoes, smoked salmon, asparagus, green onions)


….and now back to the news.

The GATE is finished on the back patio! I loveLoveLOVE it!!!

The concrete was stained this morning, and so the patio won’t be able to be used until Thursday. No probs, though, it’s worth it – it looks fantastic! We’re still planning to build a fixed bench along the long wall, add some sconces, Christmas lights, more greenery and some outdoor stereo speakers. Sweet!

We did a charity event last Wednesday for Relay For Life, and the patio was going off!

We donated over $400 from those 4 hours of business alone! It was so busy, but so so worth it. Some of the people who came had never stepped foot into our restaurant, and we had multiple comments that they had no idea how nice it was inside or how good the food was. Almost two years in Baker, and we still have new customers coming in. Right on!


Alright. I’m beat. I’ve condensed almost two weeks of blogging in one post, and am going to now retire for the evening. My dogs are still recuperating from the 4th of July (it makes Barkley physically sick to hear all of the fireworks), and they need some snuggle time.

Thanks for reading, friends. Till next time….

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4 Responses to and now for the 2-week update…

  1. Jen says:

    Awesomeness all around! That was a long post…I have a sudden urge for Taco Bell…

  2. Hey! Your post reminded me…
    We get our newspaper the next day, via mail… so your ad that was in Wednesday’s paper did not ‘get read’ out in the boonies until Thursday…

    We missed the event…Glad it was super duper and that new peeps are aware of your digs! And, we are all creatures of habit… takes a while!

    Love the gate… The kids and I stopped by on Sunday to see if you were open… our swim day!
    Oh well…we tried!

    Catch you on another ‘lazy’ day!

  3. Noe Jones says:

    OMG, I LOVED Galaxy on the Greatest American Dog! Did you get to meet her? My mom has a chihuahua who likes to jump on my back and I’m trying to teach her to do it on command, ha. I need more hobbies…

  4. Tom says:

    Thanks for the update, I missed hearing about what you are up to (literally). Good to hear your stall awareness practice is going well. It’ll keep you safe and builds confidence.

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