I’ve been stalling. Both during flying lessons, and on keeping this blog updated.

I’ve recovered from the flight stalls (obviously, since I’m able to type), but the updating was still worrisome for me. I was seriously contemplating not writing a public blog any longer.

I’ve been blogging for umpteen years now; I’d have to really think about it to figure out how long, and since I’m on a roll, I don’t really want to think. I know it was back when everyone I knew had dial-up because it took a good five minutes to publish a post.

Blogging was (is) a way for me to keep in touch with everyone – family, friends, fellow bloggers of the same interests. I’ve met some really cool people by blogging, some of whom have become great friends. But then, there’s the dark side.

The ex’s. The jealous beaches (spelled phonetically, of course). Those that wish ill-will. I’ll check my blog stats about once a month, and am always shocked to see how often these Special People visit (HI SPECIAL PEOPLE!).

My mom used to say that happiness is the best revenge, because you’re too busy keeping happy to notice the ill-will. But I’ve been noticing it.

In fact, I’ve been notified of it.

An anonymous person by the name of getoutofbaker at hotmail (seriously? hotmail? who uses spam-ridden hotmail?) has been sending me some awful emails. This Special Person obviously read this blog, because she/he makes comments regarding my updates. According to this particular Special Person, I need to getoutofbaker and take my shoddy (that’s the nice version of the word) restaurant with me.

This Special Person is also taking the time to write online reviews of our business, using some special language. A few reviews were sent to me after they were submitted, and when I noticed that the IP addresses matched those of this one Special Person, they were promptly denied.

I’m surprised that this Special Person has even eaten at our place. Well, not really. The food is pretty awesome, so she/he probably has a proxy come in for take-out. We have two former employees that I know of who send their kids in for pick-up. They were fired, but they can’t deny that they still love the food.

Alright. Back to the subject at hand. I took a couple of weeks off from my blog, discussed it with my friends and fellow bloggers, and got some great advice.

Ignore the bad. Reap the good. Pretend that everyone who reads this is a nice person who is interested in my life and actually cares, and start putting faith in karma.

So here’s my special letter to those Special People:

Dear Special Person,

If you don’t like the way I write, the flavor of my food, or the way I live my life, then don’t read my blog.

The End.

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6 Responses to Stalling

  1. Well said!!!!
    I also had a moment where I considered not blogging..due to someone not welcome in my life. I had lots of great advice from my readers when I asked for help.. They said to stay the course, live my life, live it loud, and NOT let the unwelcome peeps take away my voice…

    You are doing the right thing.
    And, your restaurant rocks!!! Love the new addition!!!

  2. Noe Jones says:

    Oh HELL no. I was wondering why you hadn’t been blogging, I missed you! To hell with those douchebags! At the risk of tainting our karma, let me know if you’d like me to come to Baker and mix it up with you, Kailua-style. 😉 Please don’t stop blogging, it brightens my day.

  3. monkeyinabox says:

    Great post Kina. I think you nailed it with “happiness is the best revenge”. Why fall to the level of the Special People when you can keep on flying high? Keep it up!

  4. Zac says:


  5. Tripping Daisy says:

    I have no clue how I found your blog, but I do enjoy reading it. If I ever mosey on over to Bend, your restaurant will be the first place I vist. Keep up the great blogging and the mputh-watering pics!

  6. Kina in Portland says:

    Kina… you were MISSED! I was wondering what you were doing, figuring you were on a much deserved break 🙂

    I love your blog. Someday we’ll drive on down and meet you, eat on your fabulous PATIO !

    Until then, I lurk and read, until I have my own blog to share… 🙂 Kina

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