Independence Day, make that a double!

We closed for the entire 4th of July weekend. It was a last-minute decision, but unanimously agreed to by our crew.

On Friday night, as I was cleaning the make line, I realized that I was about to have TWO ENTIRE DAYS OFF IN A ROW. I wasn’t about to sit at home where I’d be staring at all of the lame projects that I haven’t gotten to. Instead, I asked Whitey if he was okay with me taking off for Bend. Sure, he said.

And so I left, taking two of our front gals with me.

The drive over was awesome. We listened to great music, put the top down on the Mustang, and soaked up the sunshine. 4.5 hours later, we rolled into Bend and towards my mom’s house, nursing sunburns.

After visiting for awhile, we perused the phone book for a hotel with a 24-hour pool, and then headed towards the Ameritel Inn located smack dab in the Old Mill District.

If you ever need lodging in Bend (and don’t stay here), I can highly recommend the Ameritel. It was amazing! A huge, gorgeous lobby, warm Otis Spunkmeyer cookies, large rooms, a huge pool and hot tub, a fitness room (which should be avoided at all costs), and a complimentary breakfast buffet that boasted fresh tropical fruits, waffles, eggs, bacon, pastries, juices, and tons more. The staff was more than accommodating, and the location can’t be beat. Plus the beds were uber-comfy. I wanted to take home one of the down comforters.

After checking in, we immediately headed out for shopping and dinner.

I only noticed after posting this photo that someone drew on Art. People can be so stupid.

We ended up going to Typhoon for dinner, and that in itself was worth the entire trip. The girls had never used chopsticks before, and it was hysterical to watch. I told them that they had to eat at least three bites with the sticks before asking for forks.

Pad Thai with shrimp, Drunken Noodles, and I had the Duck Curry (of course – it’s the best thing on the menu!). The food at Typhoon is always impeccable, reasonably-priced, and they have a great atmosphere. Except for the booty shorts:

Do you see the gal on the left-hand side, wearing the super-duper-short-shorts? It was paired with a see-thru top that hung off of her shoulders to allow a black bra to hang out.

Classy, right?

She was the hostess.

No. Really. Everywhere she walked, the diners would drop their mouths open and follow her with their eyes, making comments out loud to each other in a What The?!??? fashion. Her shorts were shorter than a bikini bottom, leaving nothing to the imagination (to the chagrin of the older clientele). My gals and I were shocked, yes, but laughed it off. It was obvious that other diners were uncomfortable, though. I just thought it strange that she wasn’t sent home to change into more appropriate attire. The rest of the staff were dressed very nicely in all black attire, and everyone we encountered offered great service. Maybe BootyShorts is the owner’s daughter or something, but it still seemed very odd. Oh well. Dinner was good, and ultimately that’s all that mattered.

So after dinner, we jumped in the car and raced to Jake’s Diner to watch the fireworks.

We went inside the restaurant to surprise Lyle, and he looked beat. He’d been working non-stop, and when I asked how he was he answered, “Great, are you here to help?” and laughed. Employees were asking him tons of questions, and so we let him get back to the business at hand. His parking lot was packed with families getting ready to watch the show, and we found a great place to view the fireworks.

I love this photo. I know it looks staged, but seriously, these gals have only ever seen the fireworks from Haines, Oregon. I am not knocking Haines, it’s just that the show in Bend is about 100x as big, and never fails to impress. We listened to the synchronized music on the radio, and oohed and ahhhed for the 30-minute show.

We finagled our way through mass traffic back to the hotel, and took advantage of the 24-hour swimming facilities. The pool was such a treat. We screamed at each other under water, and sitting in the hot tub was truly the most relaxing thing I’ve done in months.

On Sunday, we drove around until we found the perfect place for multiple pedicures. Massage chairs, hot foot baths, and the VIP treatment were in store. When we were finally finished, we took our glamorous toes out on the town to pound the pavement in downtown Bend.

My goal was to finally irk Duncan in person, and I think I succeeded. The girls kept on walking when I ducked into the comic book store, as there were fancy handbags and jewelry in the window next door. Duncan tallied me on a post-it note with a Bic pen (keeping track of his traffic, no doubt) before saying hello. When he realized who I was, he came around from the counter and shook my hand. It was then that I noticed his barefeet. I love that.

We chatted for some time about blogging, small business garb, and his meanderings on too much success (yes, he’s fairly spot on). He then asked me to go on a mission regarding a new biz down the street from him that he hadn’t had time to visit. What do they sell, he asked….





He rewarded me for my mission with a couple of comic books that have no business being photographed and displayed on my blog. And no… not that kind of comic book. They’re just a tad politically charged, which I believe we both veer away from. But I love them. Thanks, Dunc.

And shoot! I really should have taken photos of Pegasus. It’s a much cooler store than I envisioned. You don’t expect much from the outside, but once you’re inside – POW! He really packs the place with tons of stuff, yet without crowding the walls or the customers. Very nicely done. Well-organized, and dare I say it – OCD?

Speaking of OCD – the new candy store in downtown Bend was ridiculously organized. Powell’s on Wall Street was silly busy, and we couldn’t help joining the crowds to fill a basket with candy and to grab a small gelato.

I got the honey/lavendar and the coconut/macadamia nut flavors. OhsoGood! I also bought crazy old-school candies for the crew back home – more on that later. Crickets, anyone?

So. After revitalizing the economy, we headed to the Old Mill for some lunch. Our hotel had given us complimentary appetizer coupons for Anthony’s (a nearby seafood restaurant), and we were all over that.

Seriously. Anthony’s has THE best happy hour in Bend. The place was packed, but we were seated outside on the patio within five minutes.

$3 Drinks
Something Else
& Something Else
& brews for $3 as well as decent wine for $5

$3 Appetizers
Hawaiian Ahi Nachos
Crab & Shrimp Artichoke Dip
3 Salmon Sliders
3 Kobe Beef Sliders
Something Else
Something Else
and I’m sure Something Else

We sat under the shade of an umbrella, watching people float the Deschutes River, and sipped on cold beverages while gorging ourselves on perfectly prepared food. I had thought we’d go to dinner later; I was wrong.

The appetizers were waaaaaay too filling, and we ended up just going to Toomie’s for dessert a few hours later. Fried bananas and coconut icecream.

Yes. We all gained five pounds this past weekend. 🙂

We spent Sunday late-night in the pool again, then soaking until pruned in the hot tub.

We woke up way too early on Monday so that we’d have time to grab breakfast at Jake’s before hitting the road.

Here’s the thing. Lyle’s a nice guy, and Jake’s Diner is a likeable business, so I have every reason in the world to be biased about what I’m about to write…..

but….really, honestly, truly, no lie –

these were THE best hashbrowns I’ve ever had!

Lousy photo. Sorry. The battery from my camera died and I had to take photos with my phone.

This is my standard breakfast. Hashbrowns, two eggs over medium + OJ. I was in love with my potatoes, and when the gals tried them, they thoroughly agreed.

Best.Hashbrowns.Ever. I was shocked. They were too rectangular; too perfectly formed to be this good. But they were so flippin’ delicious!

To even mention that the cooks prepared my eggs perfectly is a sidenote. They did, however. And to do OVER MEDIUM as perfectly as they did was the icing on the cakehashbrowns. Kudos, my friends!

Kris ordered a “small” biscuits n’ gravy, of which she was only able to eat less than half. The portions were HUGE!

Also (Lyle, I’m talking to you now) the OJ was perfect. It didn’t taste watered down like most diners. Sweet and delish. And Jess, who is a certifiable coffee snob, kept saying over and over “I can’t believe how much I like this coffee. What kind is it, do you think?” I finally asked for a cup so that I could try it and agreed. I’m not sure who your vendor is, but it is very good java.

The gals and I ran into Lyle as we were running out the door and tried to give him compliments about the food without gushing or sounding girly. Truly good food, and a clean, very comfortable dining area. What a great way to end our weekend.

We put the top down and headed East for Baker City. Almost five hours later, I was back at work, tossing dough and racing around in our kitchen. The weekend really helped me to realize how much I love owning a restaurant and doing what I do, even if it is the hardest job I’ve ever had.

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4 Responses to Independence Day, make that a double!

  1. Dunc says:

    I thought it kind of funny when your girls came in the door with you, they looked at me and the store kind of puzzled.

    “He’s a blog friend,” you said.

    “Oh,” they said, as if that explained everything.

    Anyway, I was real happy to see you, and you made the right choice taking two days off. Me….I would’ve crashed on the couch…

  2. Dang! I thought my boss was awesome!!!
    What a cool weekend!!!!!!!!!!
    (The City Girl in my is soooo jealous!)

  3. shannon says:

    Can I come work for you?

  4. Lyle Hicks says:

    Thanks for stopping in especially Saturday night. you really brightened up a very hard evening.

    And once again for the wonderful comments on your breakfast on Monday morn. I was just stopping by for a second when you were leaving.

    BTW, it is Farmers coffee. I have tried many brands and just keep coming back to them. Good old Truck Stop coffee. Same stuff I have served for years now.

    My only regret was that I did not think fast enough to take your check away. I still owe you from that awsome meal that you served Judy and I back in June. Whitey’s Stromboli Rocks!

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