I need a job, a paycheck, and some time off


Last night at around 8pm, the front gals began to clean up the salad station. That’s fine and dandy, and much appreciated. Get your job done well before we’re closed, by all means.

When the phone rang at 8:20 one of the gals asked as she walked to the phone, “Are we still taking deliveries?”


We’re open until at least 9pm, and we were still fairly busy.

Shoot. I’ll stay open until midnight if customers keep showing up (and I have stayed open that late before).

But that’s the difference between owning a business and just “working” there. The mentality when you clock in is just that: I’m clocked-in. Rarely do you have a sense of ownership; you just pay attention to when you’re supposed to be off the clock; partying and hanging out with friends. Seeing a movie after work. Cruising. Getting some Taco Bell action.

The money that pays for seeing that movie, buying that Crunch Wrap with extra sour cream, getting that case of beer — guess what? It all comes from a paycheck which is written by the business that you work at which makes money from???? (drum roll) THE CUSTOMER!

Whoa. Get a hold of yourself. I know this is a lot to take in.

So I snapped.

“Yes we’re still taking deliveries… why wouldn’t we?”

I could tell she didn’t want to be at work. She and the new kitchen guy are getting pretty involved, and I’m sure they had plans for after their shifts. That’s a whole different story which I may or may not get in to on another post.

Suffice to say that from 8:30 to 9:30, we brought in enough sales to more than pay her wages for the day.

She didn’t realize that, but the bottom line is something that I think only a business owner notices.

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