Wednesday – Tuesday

Last week Wednesday was the busiest we’ve been in months. No reason. Just busy.

Until Thursday.

Thursday kicked our butts.

So…after so much traffic we thought we were well-conditioned for Friday, and then POW! Friday & Saturday hit and we were in shock.

Saturday was officially the busiest day we’ve had since opening day on October 11, 2007.


We were quoting two-hour delivery times, and customers were still wanting food. They were all regulars, too.

This past weekend was Miner’s Jubilee. It’s Baker City’s biggest weekend of the year, and many former residents come “home” to visit. Downtown Baker is closed off to traffic, there’s a big rodeo, vendors in the park, sidewalk sales, beer gardens, etc.

Then there’s us.

Lonely on 10th Street should be our profile name on, because while we’re exactly one-mile from our local brewpub in downtown Baker, we are NOWHERE near anything going on for the Jubilee. But this year, the locals knew that and took advantage of it.

And we LOVED it!

No kidding – every face, every delivery was someone who was a regular customer. They tipped our drivers well, thanked our front gals profusely, and were happy to find a place to park when dining in.

Our weekend was stellar.

The new outdoor patio is getting some useage – mostly during dinner hours when it’s not so hot outside. I bought a mister (that sprays a super-fine mist of water from above the lattice), but finding the time to install it is proving to be difficult. I also bought a couple of outdoor heaters for the upcoming Fall season, when it’s hot during the day and cools off quickly at night. I need to milk every ounce of that patio that I can.

Anyway, Summer is offically kicking us around, and I’m thinking that a week off in the Fall might serve us all well, especially if business keeps up.

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