Crunchy Crickets

While in Bend, we stopped at the new candy store, Powell’s. Besides a ridiculous amount of sweets, they also offered crickets in assorted flavors.

Not a typo. Crickets.

Bacon n’ Cheddar, Sour Cream n’ Onion, Salt n’ Vinegar.

I was disgusted, appalled, and absolutely intrigued.

How bad could they be? I mean, they’re dehydrated, and they looked a bit crunchy. It’s like that show “Survivor”, right? Except that the contestants eat the bugs while they’re still alive, and raw, with juicy insides and stuff.

Everything is better as jerky, including crickets. (note to self: great bumper sticker idea)

The nutritional information noted that these guys (or girls) were low-carb and full of protein. As if we’d add them to an omelet while dieting…

yeah. Right.

So I brought these lil’ buggers to work and challenged the crew to try them.

Whitey almost threw up just thinking about it. The front girls were ready to quit if I insisted any longer. And me? I just popped one in my mouth.

Crunchy. Salty.

Not at all gross.

All in all, three of the kitchen guys tried them as well, and all reported the exact same thing. Not bad at all. We tried all three “flavors” of the insects, and agreed that the bacon n’ cheddar were the best ones. The other flavors tasted like hay. Not that we eat hay, but you get the idea. Dry and grassy.

I’d eat a bucket of these crickets before eating one of the smoked oysters that we put on some pizzas. We have a few regular customers who love, even crave smoked oysters. I tried to eat one once. No way, no how. It went bye-bye very quickly and never saw the darkness of my stomach. Ugh.

To each their own. One man’s trash is another’s treasure… and while crickets aren’t necessarily a treasure, I wouldn’t be opposed to having them as a pizza topping. Or a salad topping — those crunchy lil’ guys are like croutons! 🙂

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2 Responses to Crunchy Crickets

  1. monkeyinabox says:

    Put those on your pizza, and I’ll probably never show up. 😉 Or, put them on the challenge and up it to $1000.

  2. Dave Goodman says:

    If I ate those, I’m not sure Connie would ever kiss me again. 🙂

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