Baker City SCAM

Baker City business owners – pay attention!

He’s probably in town for just a little longer —

5″7, black male, appx. 25-30 years old. Has one bad eye that’s bright red and puffy. Cock-eyed ball cap.

He came in to pick up a pizza that was called in from a 720 area code cell phone number, and immediately gave my front girl the creepy vibe. Said he was picking up food that his wife called in, and then asked her age, if she was single, wanted to hang out later. Kept trying to touch her from across the counter. He then paid for the food with small bills and asked to exchange his many small bills into larger ones, playing a shell game of sorts by stacking the money in piles and then implying that she was making fun of him by counting the money in front of his “bad eye”.

She was so upset and nervous, she ended up giving him an extra $50 bucks. I’m sure that was his original intention.

Of couse, had I known any of this was going on in the first place I would’ve gone out there and violently escorted him out. I was in the kitchen making food and was completely unaware until he had left the parking lot.

I should have been more aware of what was going on, and need to keep more of a lookout into our service area.

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2 Responses to Baker City SCAM

  1. PizzaGirl says:

    I seem to remember getting training on this type of scam when I worked box-office at a movie theater. You might look into training all of your front-counter people on what to look for. If I remember correctly the trick to not getting caught up in it is to take each transaction one at a time because these scam guys will try to confuse you by asking for exchanges one after the other.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I’m so sorry this happened. It happened to me when I was working at a Subway in San Jose while in college. Same MO and very scary!

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