Invest in Victoria’s Secret

I should have invested in Victoria’s Secret.

Not the stock.

The perfume!

I recently found a used body spritzer (in a box that was still unpacked since moving) that I had bought back in the late 90’s. It’s named Riviera Sun by Victoria’s Secret, and it’s a clean, crisp scent — one of my favorites.

These body mists are relatively inexpensive (I think I paid $7.50 back then), so I was hoping to purchase another bottle before I run out.

I checked the VS website, and there’s no mention of it.

So I checked eBay.


Seriously? $100 bucks for an bottle of body spray?

I guess other people thought highly of it as well, and I’ll use the rest of my bottle sparingly.


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One Response to Invest in Victoria’s Secret

  1. Jen says:

    That was better than my desk find…

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