Welcome To September

I had the day off today. My early morning flight lesson was canceled because my instructor was called to a fire. Completely understandable.

I went in to work (of course) because we had a big order to be picked up just before we opened. The numerous giant pies were to be taken to a prisoner work crew. Crazy, right? As we were hustling the pies to be cut, our Coca-Cola delivery guy showed up and announced that the Jail is one of his biggest accounts. I didn’t realize that gourmet pizza and pop was on the menu after incarceration.

We finished the order, and I jetted to La Grande (45-miles away) to record a radio spot. Our current commercial has been running for only two months, but it’s getting ooooooold. When even Whitey (who [and I mean this in the nicest way] doesn’t recall much) recites it word for word in the morning, that’s when we know it’s time for a new spot.

I lucked out – the first take was good to go, which left me with time to hit a few stores. I took my time wandering around, but didn’t find La Grande very pedestrian-friendly. I did, however, find one of the best cheeses I’ve ever eaten in my life! Sheeps milk blue cheese from Denmark. I’ve been talking to myself all night while sampling it. Amazing. (Yet I have more than I can should eat… any takers for cheese and a fantastic Malbec next Tuesday?)

I got back to Baker City, dropped off dinner at work for Whitey, then snuck out before I had to do something. After unloading the car, I fed the dogs and settled into my La-Z-Boy for the night (with a bowl of garlic sea salt edamame MMMMMMmmm!). Soon afterwards, I received a phone call from Front Gal.

“So, this guy couldn’t decide between the Logger and the Carnivore and finally said Logger but I entered Carnivore and then he’s eating it and likes it but wants his money back cause it’s not what he ended up ordering and he used a credit card so I voided it and gave him his money back but don’t know how to charge him again for the other things that they ordered.”

/end run-on sentence

I explained that you can’t Void the credit card AND give him cash back; that would be double his money back. It took a minute, but she finally understood.

I called Whitey an hour later after the usual dinner rush to see how things went. Him + Chuck Norris + new guy in the kitchen. Ehhhhh, as well as could be expected. Chuck Norris is doing great, but we’re struggling in training the two new hires. Plus, school just started so lunch was insane as we get used to the fast pace of serving the kids within 12 minutes.

We’ll get through it.

I just talked to Whitey and he asked, “Should I feel guilty having the kids close without me?”

He’s been at the restaurant since 7am, it’s now 9pm. As much as this sounds ridiculous, I completely understand. Sometimes working a 14-hour day doesn’t seem like enough.

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2 Responses to Welcome To September

  1. Dave Goodman says:

    Careful, someone will want you to bake a file into a pie. 🙂

  2. Should I be bothered that the inmates get to eat better than us??? Or, better than our kids school lunch program (sans the soda)? I’m just annoyed by the whole inmate’s living high on the hog… at the taxpayer’s expense! Well, perhaps the folks that hired the inmates are paying for the lunch… But, let’s remember what they are in for! It should not be a ‘let’s feed the poor inmates’ thing… I would rather see the same money going to getting fresh foods (and I include your menu in that list) into the kids school lunches… But that’s just me… Just one of my (several) pet peeves!

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