Now Hiring

Why is Baker City trying to entice new businesses to relocate here?

Of course, we weren’t enticed, or approached, or even helped for that matter. Maybe the writing was on the wall, so to speak. /rant

We need a full-time kitchen cook / manager. The pay is way above-average for Oregon and the cost-of-living here is much lower than average. It’s a job that pays well, has a fun atmosphere, and really ridiculously fun and intelligent people to work with. We all jive well together; most even hang out during their off-time.

We’ve hunted high and low – I’ve even advertised in the nearby areas in the chance that someone might want to relocate to Baker.

Nada. Zip.

Whitey and I are working a combined 158 hours a week. Burn.Out. We’re exhausted every day.

So my question again – why is this small town spending money to lure new businesses here when the labor pool is so shallow? Every business owner that I come into contact with says the same thing: Good help is hard to find.


Isn’t unemployment at an all-time high?

One guy who applied was offered a full-time job. No, he replied… I can only work 19 hours a week. Why? Because he could still claim unemployment benefits with a part-time job.

Thanks, but no thanks. If that’s your mentality you certainly won’t fit in with our crew.

Grrrr. I’m just venting.

And it’s certainly not  a slam on our Economic Development team — they’re normal, hard-working people.

I just am frustrated that we’ve been open for just under two years, and have yet to hire a competent kitchen manager.

This is my story.

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3 Responses to Now Hiring

  1. shannon says:

    Too bad we don’t live closer, Brian would LOVE to work there.

  2. Noe Jones says:

    Wow. You should report that guy to the unemployment office. To openly admit that he is stealing from taxpayers? Lovely.

  3. JC Root says:

    Welcome to my world! Having flipped pizza’s now for 29 years, I can speak from experience no one will care or love the business as much as you do. 80 to 100 hour work weeks are the norm with an occasional vacation. To bad I’m here Bend and a few years ago I was looking to move to the East side. I would have jumped at the chance to move to Baker to live. On finding someone to manage the store good luck it takes a special person to properly run a pizzeria. My advice is get use to working 80 hour work weeks! I’ve been addicted to pizza’s since I was a kid I use to make pizza’s at home when I was 8. My wife tells me I’m happiest when the ovens were full and I’m 30 orders down and the crew has called in sick! I know I’m a strange person and that’s why I’m unhappy right now. I switched careers to COCC to what my wife says is a real job with benefits. But I still moonlight flipping pizza’s when I get that itch and one day I’ll be flipping pizza’s full time again.

    Good Luck

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