More from last week

My mom called me last week on my birthday and announced that this is a magical year for me.

I’m turning 36, and three plus six equals nine.

I thought about that later while I scrubbed the make line. Yep. Pretty magical.

Anyway —

she also sent flowers from The Flower Box here in Baker City. Mom, they’re beautiful!

I’ll keep them at work, since I am there more often than home, and that way more people can enjoy them.

I did deliveries on my birthday evening, giving everyone who ordered a delivery a free slice of cheesecake if they tipped. I didn’t announce it or anything – just waited to see if they tipped and would say “Hold On!” then bring one from the delivery van. Obviously I don’t keep any of the tips, but it felt good to share on my special day.

Because I was on deliveries, I had to leave Chuck Norris (not his real name, obviously) to run the kitchen with the new kid. Norris did a GREAT job. It feels good to know that there is another competent cook in the kitchen besides Whitey and I.

So in other news, I need to create a list of Things Not To Do After Ordering a Delivery. Maybe make up some fliers and post them around town.

Rule Number One: Keep your lights on.

I trolled up and down this one particular street that night, squinting furiously, trying to make out the addresses on the houses. I finally pulled over so that I could punch in the address on my phone (which has GPS) when I noticed that the house I had pulled up in front of was where my delivery was.

THIS house had ordered delivery:


I rang the doorbell, half expecting someone to jump me from the side of the house and rob me of the delivery cash.

I made a point to tell the guy who answered the door that I couldn’t find the house; sorry I was a little late, yo.

He told me that his girlfriend didn’t like the lights on when they were watching movies. Even a porch light? Needless to say, he didn’t get cheesecake.

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7 Responses to More from last week

  1. JC Root says:

    What are tips like in Baker City??? I use to deliver here Bend in the late 90’s when I was working a second job. Anyways here’s a site for you to visit


    • KeenEye says:

      Hi JC –

      Our staff makes, on average, over $3 bucks an hour in tips. Good days are $5, lame days are $2.

      Deliveries are a whole different matter, though. We’ll get a huge tip from the regulars, like $5 to $10 bucks, and then get stiffed on three deliveries in a row.

      No reason. Just because.

      The regular good tippers, however, get their food super-fast and usually get a bonus menu item of some sort. It’s too small a town to not recognize great customers.

  2. dude that keeps leaving comments without a real name says:

    It should be, Whitey and me.

  3. PizzaGirl says:

    I wish I had the authority to give out menu items to good tippers.

    Happy belated birthday!

  4. Dude that keeps leaving comments without a real name says:

    I may not like to leave my name and email address with my comments, but stalker? C’mon. And you should prolly be leery of just about anything that crosses your computer screen. My intentions are nothing but harmless, however. I really enjoy reading your blog, I’m from Bend, and I like to leave an occasional comment. Most of them are quite positive.

    Look at the following sentance (that you wrote).

    “It feels good to know that there is another competent cook in the kitchen besides Whitey and I.” If you left “Whitey and” out of the sentence, how would it sound? Many, many people these days, would also use “myself” in this situation. Neither is correct. Toodles!

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