just a rant

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Seriously? He was a 340-pound 25-year-old. Saying that he didn’t have a medical problem BEFORE the freezer door hit him in the back is preposterous. He’s been out of work for TWO YEARS since then, and is “trying to quit smoking” before getting the weight-loss surgery that his former employers are going to have to pay for. Sounds like he’s really concerned about his health. I’ve got a hundred dollars that says even if he gets the weight-loss surgery & the back surgery he’ll still never work again.


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One Response to just a rant

  1. PizzaGirl says:

    I read that story as well and was horrified. This is going to both consciously and unconsciously introduce even more bias into hiring. And after they (the scientists) did the study where they determined that weight loss is controlled primarily by calorie intake and not exercise, he can’t give the excuse that he’s too hurt to exercise and therefore too hurt to lose weight.

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