Just catching up for mom’s sake

Tuesday. My day off.

I got up at 7 a.m. and began the tedious process of doing the schedule (my least favorite thing behind payroll). Went to the restaurant at 10 a.m. and just got home now, around 5 p.m. Some day off, eh? Oh well – I caught up on a three-inch high pile of paperwork and paid all of the bills for the week. I can’t complain about that.

We’ve got three fairly new employees to replace Calhoun, Kim & the gal that didn’t show up for her shift (for the second time in three weeks). I forgot to mention that on the blog. Nice enough girl; she’d worked with us for almost a year – but two times in less than a month? A week before that, she asked another gal to open for her while she searched for her gold and diamond hoop earring that she’d lost the night before while hunting (or fishing or something…) and showed up late looking disheveled with makeup that had been cried off and her hair in a frazzled pony tail. She had even gone to our local jeweler to see how much it would be to replace the one earring – about half of her regular paycheck.

I ended up getting her a new pair of gold and diamond hoop earrings and was going to give them to her that day that she decided to sleep in. ARGH! So frustrating. When she finally returned Whitey and my repeated phone calls, I told her “just don’t come in – we’ll talk tomorrow” as I had already had to cancel my morning plans at the last minute to cover for her. She didn’t listen, showed up as I’m frantically vacuuming, and I let loose. I felt bad about it later, but really, it’s a JOB for goodness sake. Show up! She said that she should probably just look for another job, and honestly, things have been running much more smoothly since then. Again, really nice girl, and I still think highly of her as a person, just not too stoked on her work ethic. Hence, I still gave her the earrings with her final paycheck. I hope she liked them. And I hope she finds another job that’s not so fast-paced.


This past weekend, downtown Baker City blocked off Main Street for their annual Fall Festival. I was working all weekend, so I wasn’t able to check out any of the festivities. One of our front gals went, and she said that there were vendors with food samples that you could taste for a “token” that you bought from nearby businesses.

Whitey and I were the only ones working, and we took a couple of deliveries for businesses located in the blocked-off area.

I really don’t like taking deliveries, so I took over on the make line.

When Whitey came back (complete with the above photo taken from his phone while on one of the deliveries), he tells the story:

He has to park two blocks away from the business because of the street closure. He’s lugs the pizza bag and his delivery bag (with plates, napkins, peppers, parm, money bag, etc.) and arrives at the delivery location, and remember, he’s covered in flour from making dough all morning – even his bistro Crocs are white with flour. The gal looks around for her purse, then while digging out her checkbook she asks, “So are people supposed to tip you?”

He says, “Well, I actually run the place so all of the tips go to our crew that work there.”

She wrote the check out for the exact amount.


This past Friday, I had two different teachers from our our local high school ask for pizzas that looked like this:

(camera-phone photo)

I thought it was pretty cool that they were cheering on the football team (the Bulldogs) by buying them pizzas.


One of our front gals turned 21-years-old this weekend. We hurried through closing the restaurant and set up a back table to open presents at.

And then the debutant hit the town!

We started at Barley’s for sustenance. Mmmmmm, fries.

They were doing last call, so we decided to head to the Main Event.

Unfortunately, they had a band playing and it was so loud we couldn’t even yell over the music. Instead, we went down the street to the Stockman’s, where we could sing karaoke!

Not very glamorous cocktails for her first time out, but hey…

she seemed to be enjoying herself.

Even Whitey was having a good time. I can’t remember the last time we went out. Wait. Yes I can. New Year’s Eve with the Flynns.

Some friends showed up.

…and karaoke was ON! I have the voice of an angel.

Here’s the best shot, though – check out the signs on the wall:

No Drinks Aloud On Dance Floor.

Come Join With Us.


As a side note, the electrical outlets for the karaoke set up had me terrified:

That just doesn’t look right.

Anyway, Whitey and I had to work the next day, so we left the kids and went home.


And in other news, we’re planning a week off next month. After almost 2 years of 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. 7-days a week, we’re ready for a vacation. Not just ready — we NEED a vacation. I’ve been petitioning to close on Sundays, but then again, that’s 52-days a year. That’s quite a vacation in itself.

One week. Gone.

And we’re taking the crew with us. Not the newbies, of course. That’ll be earned next year.

Where are we going?

Mmmm. Owwww. Eeeeee. Hah. Why. Eeeeeeee. 🙂

Ah. Low. Ha!

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One Response to Just catching up for mom’s sake

  1. You know, later in life the sweet girl will realize how good she had it with such an awesome boss… I mean.. really.. You replaced her earrings? Holy Toledo. Lucky Duck!

    Birthday Girl looks so awesome! What a great night and party and yeah.. nice signs and electrical stuff!

    GET OUT!!!!! Your taking some of the crew to Hawaii?????????? Dang!

    You guys are awesome! Really… What wonderful bosses…

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