Mid-week Mayhem

Yesterday (Tuesday) was my day off… and I almost


didn’t take off my PJs for the entire day. I’ve always wanted to “work from home” in my boxer shorts and fuzzy slippers. Unfortunately, I’m not smart enough.

Backtracking…. so on Monday night, I was allowed to leave work an hour early, so I immediately went to El Erradero (great Mexican food) for take-out. I ended up having a few too many of their incredibly potent margaritas with some friends, and got home a tad late.

Suffice to say that I was plenty thankful that I had the next day off.

I worked on some graphic design stuff for advertisements, did the schedule (my favorite thing ever <sarcasm>), and watched three episodes of Hells Kitchen. I was having the best day EVER, right?

So six o’clock rolls around and I’m doing laundry, feeling domestic, life is great… and I hear my phone beep with a text message.

Whitey had sent me this:

Basically, I had two missed calls and that photo (of the line swamped with tickets) sent to my cell phone while I was busy being a domestic goddess, and each of them were frantic.


I was not a lovely sight when I showed up at the restaurant with frizzy hair, no makeup, shorts and one of Whitey’s T-shirts…. but they didn’t care. Ovens/Dish guy had called in sick, and they had one want for me:

Just make pizza.

Roll, toss, stretch, sauce, cheese, top, slide (into the oven).


It was mayhem. We were quoting three hour deliveries, and still we were hearing the ticket printer beat on.

Thankful? Yes. Stressed? Yes.

We got through it, and the true rush only lasted an hour or so, but man — I swear I have two new forehead wrinkles because of it.

So today? Rainy and gloomy outside. I woke up thinking it’ll be slow.

Nope. Just as busy, if not moreso. Lunch was steady… but dinner?

Oh dinner. How do I love thee?

Ovens/Dish guy is still sick, so it was Whitey and I plus the new guy (Wonderbread) and our veteran front gal, Kristen. Kris had called her backup front gal and told her not to come in; that she could handle a Wednesday night by herself.

That, my friends, is what I like to call Jinxing something.

By the end of the night, I was covered in flour and utterly exhausted, having done about 30 more covers than the night before.

Kristen had done a tremendous job in working a dining room of 50 people without one customer complaint; in fact, even receiving 20% tips in our QSR that usually receives 5%. She takes such pride in a job well-done, regardless of the job at hand.

She’ll even work the dish hole if it means helping out her co-workers:

No, you can’t steal her. I’ve adopted her… not legally, but she thinks so.


We leave for vacation in less than two weeks. Kristen doesn’t know how to swim, so we have to rent her some floaties or a life jacket. I figure if she can keep her head above water on a hectic night at Paizano’s, she’ll have no problem in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean.

13 days.

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