Out of Town

Real cowboys eat at Paizano’s.

This particular young man is sweet on one of our front girls. He stopped in to pick up lunch, spurs and all.

He may be great on the ranch, but he’ll never make it as a pizza delivery driver:

You can almost hear the toppings sliding to the back of the box. YIKES! I hollered at him to straighten out the pies, and he just laughed.


I took Kris to the food show in Idaho a few days ago. We stayed at the Hampton Suites (which I highly recommend to anyone staying in Boise) and went to dinner at Chandlers Steakhouse.

They were having a winemaker’s dinner, and the place was packed!

Kris was a little intimidated by the menu, so I ordered for both of us.

“What’s Esss Car Go?” she asked, after I ordered our appetizer.

“It’s deliciousness,” I replied. 🙂

We inhaled our snails, sopping up every drop of the garlicky butter with crunchy bread. The look on her face was priceless when I told her what she was eating.

We split a gorgeous spinach salad with a warm goat cheesecake, then had our entrees: seared ahi tuna and a Kobe flat iron steak. Everything was amazing. Everything.

Our server brought Kris a birthday dessert of Grand Marnier chocolate souffle, and we were barely had any room to eat half of it.

The food show the next day was crowded and loud. We munched on a variety of food items, and filled our bags with tons of samples. We made our rounds twice, then bolted for some quick shopping at nearby retail stores.

Namely the restaurant supply store & Costco.

And at Costco, I was sold.

I love being sold something. The pitch, the bullet-point list of “benefits”, the presentation.

And this lady at Costco? She had me at zucchini.

As we were walking by, she announced into her little headseat that she was adding ZUCCHINI into her blender to make a berry sorbet. I stopped in my tracks.

Sure enough, a few seconds later she doled out the samples, and it was delicious! Even the little kids standing around were devouring it. She quickly cleaned out the blender and a minute later, was feeding us samples of chicken tortilla soup. Then, the “Green Drink” which one of the moms standing nearby called the “Shrek Drink”.


(I took this photo just moments ago – BREAKFAST!)

The color is of algae. The flavor is unbelievable!

Fresh spinach, a tablespoon of 100% white grape juice concentrate, a half a lime with it’s rind still on, and ice. I’m telling you, it’s really quite good.

So I’m now the proud owner of a Vita-Mix 5200. The recipe book is so cool – I can’t wait to make gazpacho, soups, smoothies, oh! and margaritas… with whole limes!

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2 Responses to Out of Town

  1. me says:

    Till i got home I thought the Vita-Mix 5200$ was a joke. Better be a dam good marg.

  2. Splinters says:

    Hi Kina

    Miss your daily posts on here. Have you stopped them?


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