Our Report Card / Cleaning Up

We had another Health Inspection recently.

It’s the fourth inspection that we have received since opening. I still get freaked out when they show up, even though I know we take great pains to be sure that our kitchen is spotless. OCD helps with that.

Our score? 100%. A+.

I love it when the inspector orders food afterward, too. 🙂

As if I should put it on the readerboard “#1 LUNCH CHOICE OF THE HEALTH INSPECTOR”

So even though we’re very thorough about cleaning, there are always those things that I notice that isn’t up to par. Hence “The Spot” – which honestly, we haven’t done in a long time, because everything has been stellar.

In the past few days though, I’ve noticed some things that absolutely need to be cleaned. Nothing that is detrimental to the food quality; just regular cleaning that isn’t getting done. And yes, it’s on the closing list.

So the contest is back on, with $10 bucks in each Front of the House and Back of the House spot. Kris got up on a ladder and washed the entire oven hood tonight, then smiled and asked if it was “the spot”. Nope, but hey, pretty freakin’ cool to have a clean hood again.

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One Response to Our Report Card / Cleaning Up

  1. THAT ONE F.G. =) says:

    I love reading your blog. the end. =)

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